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Buttock Lift Surgery

October 16, 2017 admin 0 Comments

An illustrious butt is becoming an increasingly common request in the world of plastic surgery. It isn’t surprising that the trend of a larger, more shapely backside has spiked in popularity due to being glamorised by many celebrities. However, getting the butt you desire isn’t always as easy as incorporating exercises such as lunges into your daily routine. Even with vigorous effort, achieving a voluminous, elegant derrière may only be a possibility through surgery. A buttock lift is a procedure designed to increase the size and/or improve the shape of the buttocks. With several techniques available, buttock lift surgery can help you achieve the butt you’ve always wanted.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Lahore

A Brazilian Butt Lift is an advanced procedure that can lift and enhance the appearance of the buttock to correct a misshapen profile or drooping skin

The treatment involves adding volume to the buttocks through either a fat transfer or buttock implants and produces a natural result.

At Dr Barira Bashir Cosmetic surgery Clinic, She favour the method of fat transfer for our patients receiving a Brazilian Butt Lift. This involves using your own fat and transferring it from areas of body where there is excess fat tissue and that would benefit from reduction. This is then reinjected and carefully moulded to achieve your newly augmented buttocks. The technique used ensures that the body does not reject the new fat tissue.



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