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Breast implants or fat transfer Augmentation and lift in Lahore Pakistan

Dr Barira Female Plastic Surgery

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What is Breast augmentation/enlargement?

Women who want to get larger breast and having wish to enhance their beauty and attraction such women under goes breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a surgical cosmetic procedure to mostly use to breast reshaping,lift and enhance the breast size. Major reasons Woman's take breast augmentation are

Woman having her small breast size by birth.
After pregnancy women who want to get correction and breast reshaping .
 Breast augmentation is also suitable for those women who want to get balanced breast size.
Dr Baria Bashir also offer breast reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients.

Our female plastic surgeon Dr  Barira insert the breast implant behind each breast. Dr Barira having vast experienced of cosmetic surgery having thousand of happy patients specially female

Types of breast implants

Breast implants having outer layer of silicone and inside the implants they are filled with salt water or silicone get. Life expectancy of breast implants according to the manufacturer is in between 10 to 15 years but implants last much longer time.  After breast augmentation breast the size and shape will takes some time for adjust.

The Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Total time reburied for breast augmentation surgery is in between of 2 hours to 3 hours. At first step Dr  Barira Bashir made and incision either in the crease where the breast meets the chest or around the areola.  Plastic surgeon then lifted the breast tissue and skin which make a pocket. The implants are then centered beneath your nipples.  Then at last step female plastic surgeon applied the Stitches and closed the incisions, taped also applied on the incisions for greater support. For fast healing Dr Barira recommend A gauze bandage over the breast.

Breast augmentation by fat transfer is done by liposuction of fat from abdomen and thighs then prepare it in injection form then transfer into different planes of breast for augmentation.Fat transfer to breast gives natural scarless augmentation with minimum side effects.

Where Dr Barira performed breast augmentation surgery?

Dr Barira Bashir our female plastic surgeon performed breast augmentation at her own Plastic Surgery Center. Dr Barira has made her center well equipped for such major surgical and anesthetic procedure specially breast augmentation surgery and ensures the highest degree of safety. She has well educated and trained staff for the caring of her patients during and and after the surgery till recovery.

How will breast augmentation bring a change in my life?

When breast augmentation performed by a competent and qualified plastic surgeon Like Dr Barira Bashir, Our surgeries give our patients, safe, perfect, desired and long-lasting results.

Breast augmentation with Fat transfer

Breast Augmentation with Fat transfer is the most common way of increasing it easily without any pain. Our surgeries give our patients, safe, perfect, desired and long-lasting results.

Results of the operation

The results we get after performing required breast surgery by one of the best female plastic surgeon of Pakistan.

Dr. Barira Bashir our female plastic surgeon performs breast augmentation with implants at her own Plastic Surgery Center.