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FaceLift Surgery

Dr Barira Female Plastic Surgery

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Facial surgery is a surgery that is especially dedicated to reconstructing the defects in face and body. It enhances the appearance through the use of surgical and medical techniques. It can be performed in all areas of the body, neck, and head. Cosmetic surgery can also treat body defects caused by birth disorders, burns, trauma, and disease. Dr Barira performed facelift surgery lahore Such kind of  surgery is performed by the best plastic surgeon in Pakistan which is only dr Barira bashir.

What are the types of facial surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are of various types:-


Rhytidectomy means reversing the visible signs of aging on the face. The procedure involves pulling the skin of the face. It tightens the muscle layer to provide a more youthful appearance to the skin.

Eyelid surger

Blepharoplasty is the process in which the sagging skin around the eyes is removed. In case of lower eyelid surgery excess skin is removed. Excess fat can also be used to fill in “tear-trough deformity”.

BrowLift This process means to reduce sagging eyebrows, deep frown lines and enhance the appearance of the face which looks tired and dull

Who can opt for cosmetic facial surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is ideally suitable for individuals to overcome the lack of self-confidence. Individuals may choose cosmetic surgery to reverse or overcome the effects of aging. Patients with sagging skin, age spots, and other flaws associated with aging are the suitable patients for cosmetic surgery. Another added benefit of plastic surgery is that it removes the scars caused by accidents and injuries.

Why Barira Bashir for Facelift surgery?

Dr Barira  is one of the best cosmetic surgeon in lahore pakistan. Her clinic is  well equipped with the newest technologies and machines. Cosmetic surgery at Dr Barira bashir clinic is done by one with disposable items and with deep care The impact of cosmetic surgery is a permanent one and it is done with the aid of experts. The successful procedures of a surgical facelift, non-surgical facelift, eyebrow lift, thread lift, eyelid correction.

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