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Liposuction Of Buttocks:

Buttock Lift Surgery is becoming an increasingly common request in the world of plastic surgery. It isn’t surprising that the trend of a larger, more shapely backside has gained in popularity due to being beautiful by many celebrities. However, getting the butt you desire isn’t always as easy as incorporating exercises such as lunges into your daily routine. Even with vigorous effort, achieving a voluminous, elegant shape may only be a possibility through surgery. A buttock lift is a procedure designed to increase the size and/or improve the shape of the can be done by non surgical procedures radiofrequency,ultratherapy,threads ,fat freezing and fat transfer.With several techniques available, buttock lift surgery can help you achieve the butt you’ve always wanted.

Liposuction Of Thighs:

Dr. Barira Bashir is also specialised in liposuction of thighs done with the skills. She is one of the most experienced doctor in this field with vast experience dealing with critical cases.Thigh liposuction can be done under local anesthesia or general operative compression and massage required.

Liposuction Of Arms:

The Liposuction of Arms is usually done by woman they feel uncomfortable with the lying weight on their shoulder. Dr. Barira Bashir is expert in removing this fat with the gurantee of painless procedure.

The liposuction in Lahore done by  a plastic and cosmetic surgery with latest technique consisting of removing extra  accumulated deposits of fat in specific areas of the body anatomy like arms, chin, belly, belly-side, hips, thighs.

In plastic surgery field Liposuction is also represented as liposculpture or suction lipectomy.  Aim for extracting accumulated fat is to reshape the body and obtain a more stylized figure.. Dr barira Bashir female liposuction surgeon offer arm liposuction, belly liposuction, laser liposuction, 3d liposuction . Dr Barira bashir offer low cost liposuction in lahore Pakistan as compared with other  plastic surgeon.

In what areas can it be done?

The areas of the body where we can apply a liposuction are the following:

Upper arms Liposuction
Abdomen liposuction with tummy tuck
Buttocks lipo
Liposuction for Hips, thighs and knees
Calf and ankles Liposuction
On the chest in men, for reduction (gynecomastia)
On the face: cheeks and chin
Procedure of  liposuction

Liposuction treatment is mostly done under local or general anesthesia. Type o Anesthesia is also depends on area to be treated and type of the patient. Liposuction is a treatment to reshape the body. time required for liposuction is 2 to 3 hours.

Liposuction treatment procedure

With liposuction procedure plastic surgeon  aims to extract, destroy or remove extra deposited fat in different part of the body like belly, arm, hips and chin by vibrating  suction cannula . The cosmetic treatment is called liposuction surgery.  minimize  bruising in patients.