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Natural Hymen repair (hymenoplasty)

Hymen repair(hymenoplasty)/reconstruction of torn hymen tears either due to sexual intercourse,sports activities and congenital absence of vaginal hymen.its outpatient procedure perform mostly under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia depending upon the situations.
After full recovery of hymen repair bleeding results while resuming sexual intercourse which is required as proof for virginity in some cultures.
Confidence is resumed in these females after this hymen repair. Total cost of procedure is variable ranging from 35 thousand to 60 thousand depending upon time and repair required.Privacy,sterilization and results are quareenteed.

Safety of procedure
Relatively a safer procedure,it has few risk factors and side effects for example allergy to anesthetic drug, infection,dehiscence or bleeding all are correctable and manageable easily.
Legislative values
Hymen reconstruction operations are legal and available in Pakistan,indeed very popular here to keep virginity restored till wedding night.

Types of hymenoplasty
Primary Suturing
People who had forceful intercourse lead to tearing of their vaginal vault mucosa and muscle dehiscence need repair of their vaginal wall.it can be done under sedation,spinal anesthesia or local anesthesia depending upon extend of injury.primary healing will be achieved in 2 weeks safetly.
Precautions has to be followed for recovery.

Revirgin surgery
Hymen repair of torn egdes most commonly at 5 ,6 and 7 o clock position.In some cultures and religions it is considered as base of virginity.
Hymenoplasty to resume virginity is basically regaining confidence and avoid social stigma in new relationship. It has very predictable outcome and guareenteed results.
Simple minimally invasive procedure after anesthesized area and sterilization, torn edges are excised and mucosal flaps raised ,vaginal vault tightening may or may not be required depending upon requirement. Mucosal flaps are raised and approximated to each other , hemostasis secured.
Absorbable sutures applied which will heal in 4 to 6 weeks.
Post procedure precautions
repeated cleaning with running water ,application of antibiotic cream i.e polyfex to avoid local infection and keep area moist ,avoid weight lifting ,stenous excercises,legs stretching.use of camode for bowel movements and intake of stool softners.
Healing time
For complete healing 8 to 12 weeks required
Hymenoplasty is very safe and rewarding procedure in hands of experienced plastic surgeon to regain confidence of distressed girls.Book an appointment with DR.BARIRA for consultation and treatment.

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